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International Shipping


Global Shipping Services from Nashville

When shipping anything out of the United States, there are several boxes that need to be checked, so it’s imperative to know what you are doing.

Craters & Freighters knows overseas shipping. When you need to get shipments from the U.S. to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere, our specialists make it easy with:

  • Streamlined solutions
  • Skillful techniques
  • A dedicated team
  • Unmatched logistics support
  • Global customer service

You won’t be disappointed when you use Nashville’s Craters & Freighters for your project. Our team can handle the most challenging overseas shipments with finesse. From expert packing using quality materials and precisely designed cushioning to custom wood crate engineering to the most effective mode of transportation and route. Your international shipment is safe in our trusted hands.

“Bug Stamp” Crates

Our coordination efforts will surpass your global shipment expectations. We will:

  • Ensure all packaging and crating standards are met
  • Complete all documentation
  • Organize the safe, damage-free, and on-time delivery of your shipment
  • Use ISPM 15 heat-treated wood crates to gain entry into the foreign destination

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Using ISPM-15 certified wood is vital to your international export shipment. Getting the “bug stamp” or ISPM 15 mark that certifies the wooden crate meets international shipping standards means your item will have a safe, easy encounter at customs.

Delivery Options and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters is known worldwide for our comprehensive services. With our array of shipping solutions comes a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your unique project. With no two jobs being the same, we want our customers to feel confident in their choice to work with us, which is why we offer a complete list of packaging, shipping, and delivery options.

On-site Crating

If you have an item that’s too large or sensitive to get to our facility, we will come to yours. Our Nashville crating team will bring everything necessary to design and build a crate on-site at your location, never compromising its integrity and standing behind its safe arrival overseas.

Packaging and Crating That Supports Every Shipment

The shipping stream is no place to learn that your shipment hasn’t been packed correctly or the container is insufficient, especially when traveling internationally. We understand the ins and outs of the shipping process, which is why we design and engineer packaging and crating supports that hold up through the unpredictable shipping rigors.

Whether you need a custom crate, reusable container, or specifically designed packaging material, we can do it. We are experts at designing the ultimate in protection for your belongings no matter where they’re headed. Our packing and crating professionals will create the customized shipping plan you need for peace of mind. Read how freight is secured inside a sea container for export shipping.

Steps for Shipping a Container Overseas

Ocean shipments are often more cost-effective than other international shipping options. When done this way, shipping containers are loaded with assets, and then the container is put onto the shipping vessel.

To nurture the safety of ocean shipping, several steps must be taken, including:

  1. Quality packing materials- specific containers and packing materials should be utilized. All items should be heat shrink-wrapped, VCI lined or vapor barrier bagged to keep items moisture-resistant and protected from damage
  2. Secure packing- be sure boxes are full to avoid shifting in transit
  3. Blocked & braced- be sure all crates and boxes are properly secured inside the container
  4. Weight distribution- the container should be loaded evenly
  5. Label correctly- containers require several kinds of labeling, including a customer identification code, port marks, and gross and net weights

Why Ship International from Nashville?

Whether you need your residence or your business moved overseas, finding a responsible, experienced, budget-friendly company to work with is essential. The best international shipping companies offer various solutions, including:

Freight forwarders and overseas shipping companies are skilled at determining the optimal solutions for you and ensuring every step is completed correctly.

The importance of proper documentation cannot be overstated. From the bill of lading to the certificate of origin to the shipper’s export declaration, you must be sure you meet all requirements.

Craters & Freighters is a leader when it comes to overseas shipping. We have successfully provided solutions to our locals for over two decades, and with that experience has come keen insight and a can-do attitude.

Our professionals use technology and knowledge to create and build packaging designs that are superior to the relentless shipping stream. Whether your item is traveling by air, land, or sea, we know how to get it there through meticulous thought and precision, expertly and perfectly built supports, and a logistic team that is second to none.

If you’re looking for the best international freight shipping company in Nashville, feel free to stop your search here. If you’re still not convinced, check out what some of our customers have to say, read this blog post on How to Find an International Shipping Company & Determine Which One to Use or contact us to learn more.


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